"A little love is greater than an army of hate.”


Available 2024

Step into the heart-wrenching world of “Sacred Duty,” set on the eve of WW2 in a quaint German village. A devoted anti-war activist Pastor faces an impossible choice: embrace pacifism or safeguard his family’s well-being. His decision triggers a devastating chain of events, leading to his wife’s torment and execution, and his son’s transformation into a fervent Nazi. As the son rises in rank and earns Hitler’s admiration, the weight of loss becomes unbearable. Haunted by his father’s love, he yearns to return home, seeking redemption. But time may not be on his side. A final perilous mission in America will alter the course of the war and determine his ultimate destiny. Prepare for an emotionally gripping narrative of sacrifice, love, and the quest for truth. “Sacred Duty” promises an unforgettable journey through the tumultuous backdrop of WW2 and the complexities of human choices.

About A.M. Peters

A.M. Peters

A.M. Peters grew up on the Eastside of Los Angeles, raised by parents who never graduated from high school. The eldest of five siblings, Peters defied all odds by graduating from prestigious U.C.L.A. and Loyola Law School.For eleven years, he thrived as a successful trial lawyer in criminal law with the Los Angeles Public Defender. At an impressive age of 37, he was sworn into the Los Angeles Superior Court Judiciary, presiding over a high-stakes criminal law courtroom for two decades. But the frustrations with the system led him to an epiphany, understanding that real heart change rarely comes from shackles and cold cells but from stories, like Jesus’ parables that enter the soul through the back door of the imagination. Choosing to retire early, A.M. Peters pursued his greater purpose and passion for storytelling. He has written three novels, Sacred Duty, American Red, and Captured, a trilogy that embodies the struggles of broken soldiers, their redemptive journeys, and quests to find real love and meaning. He has also written a T.V. series being pitched currently to multiple streaming platforms.