Book Cover: Captured The Battle For Freedom

Available Spring 2024

In the aftermath of surviving middle-east conflicts, three U.S. Marine brothers face a new and perilous challenge at the American southern border. Raymond, a courageous medical missionary doctor, has been kidnapped after fearlessly confronting the Cartel and corrupt officials in Mexico. Marcelles, an LAPD cop, is grappling with personal tragedy and a controversial shooting that went viral. Meanwhile, Senator Duncan Malone is deeply involved in a covert operation to expose the China-Mexican cartel connection.

In the shadows, the Senator strives to aid his kidnapped friend, while Marcelles must confront his inner demons, entering Mexico without his badge or gun. Raymond’s Marine brothers need help and it comes by way of the tattooed faced, slightly autistic Eliseo, Raymond’s assistant, and new convert to Christianity who has deep roots in the Juarez Cartel. But Eliseo bears an uncanny resemblance to the man who killed Marcelles’s wife, and their relationship seems over before it starts.

As Raymond remains captive, their fates intertwine, and the only chance of rescue lies in unlikely alliances. Tensions rise, loyalties are tested, and the clock is ticking to save Raymond and expose the sinister connections at the border. In this gripping tale of faith, redemption, and unlikely friendships, enemies must unite to navigate an impossible path to set their friend free and unknowingly free themselves.